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Kerry’s Studio, a division of Kerry’ Network

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Audio Download Appropriate for ages:  15+

Some highlights include:

*  Includes practice interview questions.

*  How to compose yourself during the interview.

*  How to have a great answer without sounding scripted.

*  5 tips to create your answers.

* Audio Tracks you can listen to at your leisure.

This audio program is designed help contestants with their interview, onstage and in-person interviews.  Each track has different questions, you can pause each one to practice answering and getting more comfortable.  We suggest using this program while standing or sitting in front of a full-length mirror.  

Pageant Training - Ace the Interview



Online Color Analysis

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Up to 40% off Evening Gown and Interview Wear

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Gaining Sponsors to Fund your Pageant.  Do you struggle with selling advertising in the program book or finding sponsors to pay for your pageant entry fees?  We have created a product just for you!  Make the process of funding your pageant a breeze!

In this audio download you will learn:

  • How to create a selling strategy that works for your pageant needs
  • Creating a script that can be used by the contestant or Parent
  • How to create value for the businesses you approach
  • How to create a flyer that gets attention
  • How to sell the ad space in the program book
  • How to create value with an up-sell using your social media
  • How to create an ultimate sponsorship that sells
  • How to promote your sponsors
  • How to create a press release for after the pageant
  • The benefits of hosting a "Sponsor Thank You" Party at their location
  • Creating a time line that works for busy contestants and parents
  • And so much more!

Gaining Pageant Sponsors




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