I recently created a Color Toolkit for an Attorney client and I had to use a lot of Blue options. 

What's the big deal about Blue anyway??? Depending on what type of law you practice and if you are consistently dealing with a Jury, Blue is one of your best options. Of course, color in wardrobe should be used as a tool in conjunction with your own processes.

Blue is the color of trust and loyalty. As a calming color, some of the effects of wearing Blue are projecting honesty and confidence.

Of course you want to wear the right hue according to your skin, hair and eye color, its best to have a color analysis so you know which shades are best for you. Hue is defined as the various shades of a color. As with any color, over using it (wearing too much Blue or too much of a darker or brighter shade can have the opposite effect) in one outfit can come across of being cold and distant.

To help build confidence with the Jury you should wear lighter shades of blue during jury selection and intensify the shade as the trial starts, continues and ends. (Much like you see in this photo with the fabric samples). This strategy with hue can help to build - then keep the confidence of the Jury from a visual perspective.