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 Your Comprehensive Resource for Legal Professionals Seeking to Master the Art of Color Influence. Empowering Attorneys, Mediators, and Paralegals with the Knowledge to Strategically Apply Color for Optimal Outcomes. Discover the Impact of Seasonal Color Analysis in Legal Scenarios.  This product is delivered virtually and requires very little time investment for the Legal Professional.  Not sure how color can impact your day to day duties as an Attorney?  Check out my blog post on the color blue and my latest article for SheOwnsIt showcasing the power of color.  

Don't you love it when....

Mediation goes well and results in a positive resolution for your client.....

The trial is over and the case was ruled in your clients favor....

You attended a networking function and everyone went out of their way to meet you.....

You were able to get the answers your side needs during a deposition....

During these times...did you take note of what you were wearing?  Not the cut, length, or style of your clothing, but the color you selected?  Color, much like Body Language, serves as a powerful tool that can be wielded to achieve the desired outcomes in any given situation.

Color holds significant power; when employed thoughtfully, it can amplify your message, influence the mood of your client, and impact the overall atmosphere of the meetings you attend. In certain scenarios, the choice of color becomes a valuable ally.

 Revamp your professional image with the Color Academy – an investment in your success at just $297

Here's what you'll receive:

Online Color Analysis (valued at $97):

  • Complete a short survey to receive a personalized color analysis.
  • Gain insights into the significance of color through our informative video on the color of persuasion.

Color Toolkit :

  • Unlock the power of your seasonal color palette for various legal scenarios.
  • Organize your wardrobe seamlessly with the included Wardrobe Inventory chart.
Toolkit Features:
  • Explore tailored options from the J. Hilburn Men's Custom Line or Kerry's Studio based on your season.
  • Receive recommendations on using specific colors to evoke emotions, such as calming Salmon for Autumn.
Color Tips for Success:
  • Leverage color psychology for effective networking, successful mediation, and depositions and trials.
  • Discover the right colors to convey trust and expertise, enhancing your desired outcome.
Shopping Tips for Every Season:
  • Simplify your shopping experience with curated looks for each fashion season.
  • Save time and frustration by investing in wardrobe pieces aligned with your seasonal color palette.

    Elevate your professional presence, make a lasting impression, and confidently navigate legal scenarios with the Color Academy toolkit. Don't miss this opportunity to redefine success!

    Investment:  $297



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