About Kerry

Hey there! So, picture this: Kerry's been on this wild entrepreneurial ride for 18 years now. Crazy, right? But here's the cool part—she's all about helping folks like us find our perfect colors and use them to crush it in our businesses. She's basically a color wizard, showing us how to make our wardrobe work for us emotionally, not just aesthetically.

But wait, there's more! Kerry's not just about colors; she's a pro at reading body language and she's taught this as as CLE. And guess what? She's made this awesome online color analysis© thingy for both guys and gals. Oh, and she's big on speaking gigs too, covering everything from body language to the psychology of color.



And get this—she's not just talking the talk; she's written books on creating your own media, available on Amazon. Plus, she's a regular contributor to cool publications like SheOwnsIt. Oh, and did I mention her YouTube show? It's all about colors and wardrobe for legal pros. Super helpful stuff! 

 But Kerry's not all business; she's got this whole other side too. She used to model, (look over there 👀⬅️⬅️) strutted her stuff at trade shows and in print ads. 


 And—she's even judged beauty pageants all over the the U.S. How cool is that? All this stuff has culminated her expert status....not to mention being featured on over 300 media outlets.  Oh, and let's not forget her fur babies, Marlon and Pirate. They're the real bosses of the house, let's be honest. 

 Kerry's Street Cred.....

CLE Classes accredited with the Florida and Texas State Bar Associations.

Spoken at various chapters of FAWL, FJA and the Real Property Division of the Florida Bar.

Published Author of 3 Books.

Featured on Over 300 Media Outlets (Print, Radio and Podcasts) See Legal media here.

Creator of the Online Color Analysis© and Color Card in 2006.

Member of Association of Image Consultants International. 

Seasoned Interviewer and Host since 2010 (Back when Blog Talk Radio was the only game in town)