Closing in slow motion - 90 day strategy for Attorneys

Elevate Your Legal Practice with my 90-Day Attorney Mastery Program

Embark on a transformative journey over the next 90 days, where we collaborate to enhance your legal prowess and elevate your firm's success. Our comprehensive strategy is designed to meticulously tailor your approach, ensuring a significant surge in your closing ratio. Key highlights include:

  1. Industry Dominance Blueprint:

    • Establish yourself as the undisputed industry authority before prospects even set foot through your door.
    • Conduct a thorough review of media and press pages, gather feedback, and devise a customized action plan for enhanced coverage.
  2. Team Alignment Assessment:

    • Guarantee that your team aligns seamlessly with the firm's brand.
    • Deploy a discreet "Secret Shopper" service to identify and rectify potential gaps in client engagement, from the front desk to the attorney's office.
  3. Closing Script Perfection:

    • Develop bespoke closing scripts tailored to you and your team's communication style.
    • Craft compelling verbiage and follow-up texts designed to elicit clear, decisive responses in phone calls, emails, and texts.
  4. Strategic Follow-Up System:

    • Create a systematic follow-up plan guiding prospects through the closing process.
    • Devise a personalized 30/60/90-day follow-up protocol for clients who may be postponing decisions for business or personal reasons, complete with scriptwriting.
  5. Mock Consultation Excellence:

    • Enhance your consultation skills through simulated sessions emphasizing positive body language and compassionate communication.
    • Identify and rectify potential pitfalls, ensuring strong rebuttals for pricing objections and leveraging color psychology for persuasive impact.
  6. Strategic Marketing Session:

    • Engage in a dynamic brainstorming session to unearth additional lead sources, incorporating networking ideas, referral partnerships, events, media exposure, and speaking engagements.

Exclusive Benefits:

  • One-hour setup call to kickstart our collaboration.
  • Post-90-day check-in calls at 30, 60, and 90 days to track and further optimize your closing ratio.
  • Consultations tailored to your schedule, accommodating even after-hours or weekends.

Your Investment: $2,997 per Attorney

Empower your legal practice with a holistic approach to success. Let's redefine your trajectory together.


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