Many service professionals express a desire to pen their own book,  Attorneys are no exception, whether it's a reflection of their rich experiences, a venture into fiction, or a blend of both genres. In this pre-recorded webinar, I provide invaluable tools tailored to accommodate your busy schedule, enabling you to embark on your writing journey while seamlessly balancing your ongoing professional commitments.
Unlock the pathway to transforming your aspirations into tangible literary achievements, at your convenience. Are you ready to share your story and insights with the world? 

In the legal profession, attention to detail is paramount. But what if you could channel that same attention to detail into crafting a book that resonates with your audience while still excelling in your law firm? 

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Deep within every professional lies a story waiting to be shared, one that could provide invaluable guidance and inspiration to others in the industry. This webinar is designed to help you uncover that story and transform it into a compelling book.

Your Journey, Your Blueprint

With the step by step videos, you'll learn how to master the art of detail-oriented writing, craft a seamless narrative blueprint, and utilize productivity tools to streamline your writing process—all while maintaining the excellence expected in your law practice.

Your Potential, Your Platform

From editing essentials to navigating publishing options, we'll cover every aspect of the writing journey, empowering you to share your insights with the world. Whether you choose self-publishing or traditional publishing, we'll equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Unlock Your Author Potential:

What You'll Discover in This Webinar:

  • Journaling: The Secret Weapon for Book Writing Success
  • Mastering Your Outline: The Blueprint for a Winning Book
  • Top 5 Tools to Turbocharge Your Writing Process
  • Editing Essentials: How to Avoid Overpaying for Services
  • Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing: The Great Debate
  • Eye-Catching Covers: DIY Tips for a Bestseller Look
  • Marketing Mastery: Crafting a Sales Strategy that Sells"

This webinar is not accredited for CLE in any state.  

About your Instructor:  Kerry Heaps

Investment:  $197 includes all recordings and bonus videos.

"I know without your encouragement I would never have written my book and that was such a wonderful, rewarding experience!"  Margie M.


  • How to Self Publish your book on Kindle
  • Writing your Media Pitch to get media exposure for your book
  • Book Publishing Resources:  Where to find Podcasts, writing opportunities and more!