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Kerry's Studio Women's Virtual Color Toolkit

Kerry's Studio Women's Virtual Color Toolkit

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Introducing our exclusive Color Toolkit for Attorneys - a comprehensive solution designed to enhance your professional presence and streamline your wardrobe choices. With this toolkit, you unlock a personalized and insightful journey into the world of colors, tailored to your unique style and profession.  Once you fill out the color survey, I will do the rest...

What's Included:

  1. Customized Online Color Analysis©:
    • Receive a personalized Color Card via email within 24 hours.
    • Explanation of your season (Autumn, Winter, Spring, or Summer).
    • Showcase of your 30 carefully curated Primary and Accent colors.
    • Conveniently printable for easy use while shopping.
    • Physical color card mailed directly to you for quick reference.
  2. Wardrobe Emotion Chart:
    • Tailored recommendations based on your law practice type and procedural involvement.
    • Color suggestions for various scenarios such as Trial, Jury Selection, Mediation, based on your personalized season.
  3. Personalized Feedback and Virtual Closet Audit:
    • Personalized ZOOM call with a review of your color kit, and additional wardrobe choices, can be scheduled after hours, weekends or lunchtime to accommodate your schedule.
  4. Wardrobe Inventory Chart:
    • Keep your closet organized with this handy tool.
    • Wardrobe audit and charting done during your call.
    • Access to the Color of Persuasion Webinar.  Enhance your understanding of how to use color for influence.
  5. Weekly Wardrobe Planner:
    • Organize trial wear with impeccably tailored suits or professional dresses in classic colors for a commanding courtroom presence.
    • Plan mediation and deposition attire with business casual ensembles in neutral tones, ensuring comfort and professionalism during legal proceedings.
    • Prepare for networking events by selecting business cocktail attire or sharp blazers paired with versatile accessories to make a lasting impression in professional settings. 


  • 3 Hand-Selected Scarves:
    • Curated to match your season's colors, selected by Kerry.
    • Suggestions provided for their use based on your legal practice.
    • A $90 value, offered exclusively with this toolkit.

Elevate your professional image, create a cohesive wardrobe, and make a lasting impression with our Color Harmony Toolkit. Experience the power of personalized color analysis in transforming your legal attire and confidently navigate every professional scenario.


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