Service Professional Color Toolkit

As a Business Professional, you’re aware of the impact your strategies and choices can have on the outcomes of meetings and now you have an idea of how to utilize color as a tool of influence. 

Having a background in modeling, (that's one of my modeling pics here on the right, circa 1994) 

 My journey led me to instruct modeling and acting classes for John Casablanca, I worked with students ranging from six-year-olds to individuals as advanced as Eighty years of age. I specialized in teaching color coordination, image enhancement, acting skills, and posing techniques. I later worked a split desk in the staffing industry.

Witnessing my students' transformations, from gaining confidence in their appearance to how they presented themselves, and observing their growing confidence in front of the camera has been nothing short of incredible. For me, the greatest gift I can bestow upon anyone is the gift of confidence.

Unlock Your Professional Palette, what's included....

Virtual Color Analysis:  Learn about your season (Autumn, Winter, Spring, or Summer) and its impact on your professional image. Explore a curated selection of 30 Primary and Accent colors tailored to your style and industry needs.
Printable Color Card for Easy Shopping: Easily access and reference your color choices while networking or shopping. Receive a physical color card delivered to your doorstep for quick and convenient use.
Wardrobe Emotion Chart for Professional Scenarios: Receive tailored color recommendations for various professional scenarios such as networking events, interviews, or client meetings. Dress with confidence for different occasions like team collaborations, client presentations, or termination procedures with appropriate color choices.
Personalized Feedback and Virtual Wardrobe Audit: Schedule a personalized virtual session to review your color kit and enhance your wardrobe choices.
Convenient scheduling options available to suit your busy professional life.
Wardrobe Inventory Chart for Organization: Keep your closet organized and efficient with our handy inventory tool. Receive guidance during your call on auditing and charting your wardrobe for maximum impact.
Access to Color of Influence Webinar: Deepen your understanding of using color psychology to influence and communicate effectively in professional settings. Learn techniques to enhance your presence during networking, hiring, or termination processes. 
Weekly Wardrobe Planner for Professional Presence: Plan your attire for different professional scenarios such as networking, hiring, or termination processes with confidence. Receive tailored outfit suggestions for various professional settings, ensuring a polished and impactful appearance.

Bonuses to Enhance Your Style:
Receive three hand-selected ties or scarves matched to your seasonal colors, handpicked by Kerry.  Gain suggestions on using these effectively in your professional life, enhancing your overall style. $90 Value
Complimentary One Month Subscription to Stylist on Demand:
Access personalized style advice and recommendations through text messaging.
Receive expert guidance on selecting wardrobe essentials and maximizing sale items for a well-rounded professional wardrobe. $97 Value

Elevate your professional image, build a cohesive wardrobe, and leave a lasting impression in every professional interaction with our Color Harmony Toolkit. Experience the transformative power of personalized color analysis tailored specifically for service professionals, helping you navigate various professional scenarios with confidence and style.

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What one Attendee said about working with me....

I first met Kerry when I was preparing to launch my coaching business. I was not disappointed. Kerry is able to give individualized attention depending on the space your business happens to in. When you leave you are prepared with ready to go material needed to get you started. Thank you Kerry, Nikki Chaplin, Transformation Life Coach 

Here's just a few of the benefits of my toolkit....

Enhanced Professional Presence: A polished appearance can enhance your professional presence, making you more credible and trustworthy in the eyes of clients, prospects and employees. 

Increased Confidence: Looking and feeling confident can positively impact your performance in negotiations and client meetings.

Positive First Impressions: A polished appearance can help you make a positive first impression, which is crucial in any profession.

Competitive Edge: A professional image can give you a competitive edge in a crowded market, helping you stand out from the competition.

Personal Branding: A professional appearance is a key component of a personal brand.

Long-Term Career Growth: Investing in image mastery can contribute to long-term career growth, opening up new opportunities and advancement.

Networking and Business Development: A polished appearance can enhance networking and business development efforts, helping to build a strong professional network and attract new clients.

Self-Expression and Confidence: Mastering your image is a form of self-expression and a way to boost confidence.