Body Language Webinars

Bodies don't lie, a deep dive into reading body language for Attorneys

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Summary:  Do you get answers during the deposition that don’t seem truthful but you’re not sure how to proceed with questioning?  Or perhaps you’re at mediation and things are not going well, then tempers are flaring, voices are elevated, and you wonder why it escalated so quickly? 

Enter the realm of body language—a dynamic skill set integral to your legal practice. From client interactions to high-stakes trials, mastering body language offers a distinct advantage. It gives you insight into the thoughts of others, deciphered through their gestures and expressions. This keen awareness not only aids in de-escalating conflicts but also sharpens your line of questioning, guiding you through intricate legal terrain with finesse.

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Investment to attend: $67, includes the recording

Recording only, $50.   

Recording only 

Presentation outline:

Master the art of deciphering non-verbal cues to effectively evaluate the opposing party, aiding in strategic adjustments and ensuring a compelling case presentation.

Explore the nuances between positive and negative evaluations and leverage this insight during jury selection by adeptly interpreting potential jurors' facial expressions to discern their suitability for each case, guiding the decision to pose further questions when necessary.

Gain insight into distinguishing between expressions of interest and anxiety, vital for effectively assisting clients.

Identify signs of deception: a crucial skill for attorneys during trial, depositions, or mediation. Recognizing multiple body language cues prompts review of evidence and questioning adjustments.

Decipher the meaning behind arm, shoulder, and hand positioning, unveiling valuable insights into intentions and attitudes.

Recognize the significance of understanding and assessing your own body language for effective communication and interaction.

Discover the significance of feet and leg movements in decoding body language, emphasizing the importance of monitoring non-verbal cues, even 'under the table,' during depositions and mediations.

Understanding autism and body language: Guidance for attorneys working with clients on the spectrum. Learn to recognize and interpret movements and adapt communication strategies accordingly.

 BONUS Resources Included for Attendees:

* Presentation Recording
* PowerPoint Slides
* Customizable PDF Handouts for Notating Body Language of Jury Members and 
   Others, Tailored to Your Requirements.

      1.50 MCLE for Texas Attorneys 

      Investment $67 or $50 for the Recording only

      Instructor: Kerry Heaps