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What customers say about my virtual color analysis and color card ©

The value of the color analysis offered by Kerry's Studio is above and beyond what I anticipated. The online form was quick and simple, and I love the handy color cards. I now understand that it's not just about a specific color palette, but also the shades of the colors matter! My handy color cards help me purchase items that build my confidence and allow me to convey my message. 
K. Marie Speaker, Author, Holistic Health Coach


 I love my color card, who knew I was wearing the wrong colors since 1987, so excited to explore the colors of my correct season.  Eve Hampton, Professional Trainer

 I like how I can use the color card inconspicuously while shopping, it fits right into my wallet.  David Simms, Sales Consultant

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What others say about my Color of Persuasion Webinar....

Really enjoy the idea of incorporating yellow and brown into my wardrobe more often where applicable.  C. Tancredo

This was a very informative presentation, thank you! C. Hernandez

Thank you Kerry, great presentation! A. Garel 

Thank you so much for sharing. This was insightful!  M. Granda 

What others are saying about Bodies don’t lie…

These are informal emails and feedback in ZOOM chat I’ve received over the past two years from Attorneys, Mediators and Paralegals.

Perfect! Yes, I do need Professional credit and your CLEs are so helpful and practical to my practice. THANK YOU!  With kindest regards, Margie

It was SO SO good!  M. Coffey, Trial Attorney

Enjoyed the seminar. Thanks. Good info. D. Schrader, Trial Attorney

Great job! Very informative! M. Johnson, Civil Trial Attorney

Kerry, Enjoyed the program, and our conversation. Well prepared. D. Frishman, Business Attorney

Oh, thanks so much. Great collection of information.  Very helpful. M. McCrum, Criminal Defense Attorney

Dear Ms. Heaps, I can't remember whether I commented at the time, but I thought the body language webinar was well done, and a unique approach to a mediation tool.  R. Sims, Certified Family Law Mediator

Thank you.  I enjoyed the class.  D. Bean, Commercial Litigation Attorney

Hi Kerry. I enjoyed the presentation and found it helpful; reminding me to do what I need to do to help my practice and the links you provided.  S. Nicholas, Criminal Defense Attorney

I enjoyed the CLE.  Very informative. D. Coyle, Bankruptcy Attorney, Creditors Rights

Thank you for your presentation.   It was fascinating and informative.  I liked your suggestions on people watching.  L. Athanasiou, Commercial Underwriting Counsel

Thanks! Great content. Have a great evening. K. Rubio

Oh yes, they are very interesting and such a nice change from the normal CLE fare. I've made quite a few online classes and I know they aren't easy. I appreciate what you do.  M. Heldmyer

Good stuff. Thank you. Patrick Callan

Dear Kerry;  The CLE courses were great, informative and very useful to my practice. Wanted to let you know that the credits did fulfill all the requirements 😊   Sharon Q. Dixon

Thank you Kerry...very interesting and educational. Good weekend...

Thank you Kerry, well done. Good evening to all!

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