Welcome to the Color Academy for Attorneys

Our exclusive Color Academy is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance your professional presence and streamline your wardrobe choices. With this toolkit, you unlock a personalized and insightful journey into the world of colors, tailored to your unique style and profession. 

This academy membership offers a comprehensive approach to leveraging color psychology in various aspects of a professional's life, particularly attorneys. Let's break down how each component can give attorneys an edge and be utilized effectively:

  • Customized Online Color Analysis: Understanding one's season (Autumn, Winter, Spring, or Summer) and the corresponding palette of colors that best complement their complexion can be a powerful tool for attorneys. Wearing colors that suit them well not only enhances their appearance but also boosts their confidence, which is crucial in the courtroom. Moreover, having a physical color card allows for quick reference, ensuring that their wardrobe choices are always on point.
  • Wardrobing Emotion Chart: This feature provides tailored color recommendations for various scenarios attorneys commonly face, such as client interactions, negotiations, or courtroom appearances. For example, they may choose calming colors like blue or green when dealing with anxious clients or opt for authoritative colors like black or navy during negotiations. Understanding how different colors evoke emotions can help attorneys create the desired atmosphere and influence outcomes.
  • Personalized Feedback: The personalized video review offers additional guidance on how attorneys can incorporate their color kit into their wardrobe and provides suggestions for additional wardrobe choices. This personalized feedback ensures that attorneys can effectively implement the insights gained from their color analysis into their daily professional lives.
  • Wardrobe Inventory Chart: Keeping track of their wardrobe inventory helps attorneys stay organized and ensures that they have appropriate outfits for every occasion. By knowing exactly what they have in their closet, attorneys can quickly and confidently select the right attire for any situation they may face, whether it's a client meeting, court appearance, or networking event.

My goal is to equip attorneys with a deeper understanding of how color influences perception and emotion, providing them with valuable tools to enhance their professional presence, influence outcomes, and effectively manage client interactions. By leveraging color psychology in their wardrobe choices and interactions, attorneys can gain a competitive edge and stand out in their field.

Ready to get started?  Investment:  $697

What one Attendee said about working with me....

I first met Kerry when I was preparing to launch my coaching business. I was not disappointed. Kerry is able to give individualized attention depending on the space your business happens to in. When you leave you are prepared with ready to go material needed to get you started. Thank you Kerry, Nikki Chaplin, Transformation Life Coach www.nikkichaplin.com 

Here are a few scenarios where this Academy membership might be right for you:

You Want to Enhance Your Professional Presence: If you're looking to elevate your professional image and make a memorable impression in courtrooms, client meetings, and networking events, this package can provide you with personalized color analysis and wardrobe recommendations tailored to your unique style and complexion.

You Seek to Improve Client Interactions: If you want to establish trust and rapport with your clients, understanding how color can influence emotions and perceptions can be invaluable. This package offers color suggestions for various scenarios, helping you choose the right attire to calm anxious clients, convey authority during negotiations, and create a positive atmosphere during consultations.
You Aim to Boost Your Persuasive Abilities: If you're interested in mastering the art of persuasion, learning how to strategically incorporate color into your presentations, arguments, and courtroom demeanor can give you a significant advantage. By attending the "Color of Persuasion" webinar and receiving personalized feedback, you can refine your persuasive techniques and enhance your effectiveness as an attorney.
You Strive for Organizational Efficiency: If you want to streamline your wardrobe and ensure that you always have appropriate attire for every professional situation, the wardrobe inventory chart included in this package can help you stay organized and prepared. By keeping track of your wardrobe choices and referencing your personalized color card, you can confidently select the right outfits with ease.
You Desire to Stand Out in Your Field: If you're looking to differentiate yourself from other attorneys and make a statement with your professional attire, incorporating carefully curated colors that complement your style and personality can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Whether you're aiming to exude confidence, professionalism, or creativity, this package offers the tools you need to showcase your unique identity and make a lasting impression.

    Just to Recap....What's Included:

    1. Customized Online Color Analysis©:
      • Receive a personalized Color Card via email within 24 hours.
      • Explanation of your season (Autumn, Winter, Spring, or Summer).
      • Showcase of your 30 carefully curated Primary and Accent colors.
      • Conveniently printable for easy use while shopping.
      • Physical color card mailed directly to you for quick reference.
    2. Wardrobing Emotion Chart:
      • Tailored recommendations based on your position in Sales or Human Resources and procedural involvement.
      • Color suggestions for various scenarios such as Hiring, Firing, Client interactions and Closing.
      • Recording of “The color of persuasion” webinar
    3. Personalized Feedback:
      • Personalized Video with a review of your color kit, and additional wardrobe choices, watch when you have time.
    4. Wardrobe Inventory Chart:
      • Keep your closet organized with this handy tool.


    • 3 Hand-Selected Scarves or Ties: 
      • Curated to match your season's colors, selected by Kerry.
      • Suggestions provided for their use based on your legal practice.
      • A $90 value, offered exclusively with the Academy.

    Note: This bonus cannot be combined with any other offer.  View testimonials.

    Elevate your professional image, create a cohesive wardrobe, and make a lasting impression with The Color Academy. Experience the power of personalized color analysis in transforming your office attire and confidently navigate every professional scenario. 

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